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Surfing Lessons

Anyone can experience the thrill of surfing! It'll be one of the most amazing moments of your entire life! 1 hour surf lessons are available daily, year round.

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Surf Camps

Ideal for friends and families that want to have fun TOGETHER, its not just for kids!! Our very popular day surf camp is designed for beginners of all ages.

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Surfboard Rentals

Most students want to continue surfing after their lesson or another day while you are here. Surfboard rentals are available daily.

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Surfing Instructors

Gene and Rachel Gore have 23 years of surfing instruction experience, world class ocean lifeguards and a lifetime of pro level dedication to the sport of surfing.

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1 hour surf lessons are held daily all year-round (reservation required) Lesson times are mornings only from 8-12, at Isla Blanca Beach Park in a secluded area near the jetty. ($10 per vehicle admission to the park, there are showers, restrooms, and snackbar nearby) . This is the surfing area of South Padre Island, where the best waves break, it is also the best surf in the entire Gulf of Mexico! The bottom is sand, no rocks or reef, and we teach in shallow water where you can stand up if you need to. You do not even need to know how to swim! Safe Soft Surfboards with leashes, lycra surf shirts and wetsuits if needed are provided. We offer surfing pictures by request for only $10/all images. We regularly teach children as young as 3-5, (an incredible confidence builder and introduction to the ocean and the waves, we closely and carefully work with each child to ensure a safe & memorable experience) and adults into their 60's, (nothing like seeing your kids face when you tell them you went SURFING!)

*NOTE: We welcome anyone, regardless of age, physical ability or disability! 

We do not have a surf shop and we are not surf shop employees, we are a surfing family, full-time professional surfing instructors and highly experienced ocean lifeguards and pro level surfers.


We will meet you on the beach at the south end of the Island at Isla Blanca Park next to the rock jetty. Please be on time! Be sure to arrive at the beach at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson. Get changed into your swimwear, sunblock on, stretch and ready to get in the water before your lesson begins. If you are late, unless we are notified your space will be lost to the next scheduled lesson. After you enter the park drive past the Dolphin Cove then turn in by the big Jesus statue. Park in the small parking lot by the Bait Stand, you'll see the beach and jetties. Lessons are held near the jetty. Look for our red pickup with bright color surfboards, or we may be in the water with a lesson so walk to the water's edge and you'll see the bright soft surfboards and students and instructors.


We supply the surfboards with leash, lycra rashguard surf shirts, and wetsuits if needed in the cooler months. Bring appropriate surf swimwear: ladies should wear boardshorts or one-piece, the waves will rearrange your bikini. Guys should wear surf boardshorts, not elastic waist shorts. Bring a towel, water, shoes or flip flops, and... A BIG SMILE AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!! Students should wear 50 SPF waterproof/sweat proof sunblock, the sun and sand in south Texas is HOT! Everyone gets a surfboard, you won't be standing around waiting your turn!


You'll be surfing in 1 lesson, guaranteed! We teach you everything you need to know to get started, basic surfing and paddling techniques, surf etiquette, wave knowledge, water safety and rip current info, and more! You may rent surfboards after the lesson if you'd like to continue surfing.


• Lessons are taught in shallow water, no students are allowed in water deeper than they can stand up.
• Safe Soft Surfboards are used for all lessons, with leashes for safety and soft rubber fins. (The most common cause of injury while surfing is from being struck by a hard surfboard.)
• Rachel and Gene are highly experienced ocean lifeguards, lifelong professional level surfers, ocean rescue certified (we would never let our children learn to surf from someone unless they were at minimum certified at ocean rescue) and CPR certified water safety experts, you couldn't be in better hands! We consider it a privilege and honor to take your child into the ocean, and take the responsibility seriously.
• You will be falling repeatedly in shallow water, no diving head first off your board!
• ANY PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS such as asthma, allergic reactions, knee neck or back problems, epilepsy, recent surgeries or heart conditions MUST BE MENTIONED before lessons, you may need your doctor's permission, and we can tailor your lesson to fit your personal needs.
• Non-swimmers and small children will remain in shallow water.


Surfing is a pure and healthy high energy physical sport that demands an adequate level of physical fitness. Paddling out through the waves requires a bit of endurance and lots of energy. But, even if you are unable to paddle, we will do it for you, and push you into the waves, you can just stand up and enjoy the ride! Practice popping up on your feet from a laying position, easily practiced at home. Swimming laps in a pool is a great way to get physically conditioned, building arm and upper body strength along with stamina. Weightlifting will prepare and strengthen you. Competitive swimmers are usually very quick learners! Skateboarding actually helps a lot too. Watch some surf videos and get stoked! 


Be sure to arrive at the beach at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson. Get changed into your swimwear, sunblock on, stretch and ready to get in the water
before your lesson begins. If you are late, unless we are notified your space will be lost to the next scheduled lesson.


1 hour lessons are $50/person. Special family and group discounts available for groups of 4 or more. We do not accept credit cards, cash or checks only. There is also a $10 per vehicle park entrance fee at Isla Blanca Park. We offer surfing pictures of you and your group by request for only $10/all images.


Reservations required in advance, call or text 956-772-7272 7am-10pm or email South Padre Surf Co.


If you are not going to make it for your scheduled lesson, please give us a courtesy call in advance.


If you would like to keep surfing after your lesson, or another day while you are here - our surfboard rentals are available for $30/day, no hourly rates.


School or Church groups, Scouts, family, friends, family reunions, sports teams, etc. - special rates and packages available.


That's right, invite your friends to the coolest beach party they will never forget! We provide all the equipment, personalized instruction, and all the fun! Call for availability and pricing. All ages.


If you want to take your surfing to the next level, then let us help you reach your goals. Try a variety of our surfboards or your own in a private lesson. The better you get the more fun surfing becomes!! contact us for more info

For any further information or questions call us at (956) 772-7272 8am - 8pm or email South Padre Surf Co  We'll be happy to help you!

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